Good Software Testing

  1. Practical Ideas to Stay Creative in Software Testing

  2. Test Planning Simplified

    Don't bore or bamboozle your stakeholders with lengthy test plan documents. Use these leaner, simpler, more easily digestible options instead.

  3. Software Testing Estimation Techniques

    Need to estimate some software testing activities? Read this guide for practical tips and rules of thumb.

  4. What is Software Testing

    What's software testing all about anyway? Why is it important? Who does it, and how?

  5. What Skills are Needed for Continuous Testers

    If you want to improve your skillset and become more of an automated, agile, continuous, DevOps focused tester - here's some ideas of where to start.

  6. 20 Best Practices for Software Testing in 2020

    Here's some recipes for improving your software testing in 2020

  7. Hello World